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Pressing Issues: An Introduction to Printing Types - A Three Session Virtual Course

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About this Course:

It is vital to proper stamp identification, as well as for rooting out fakes, to know how stamps are printed. This three-session course will cover the basics of stamp printing technology. This includes the four main types of printing used for virtually all stamps, as well as some design considerations and the use of color in multicolor printing (without going into color theory). Although useful for almost any collector, material is somewhat U.S.-centric.  A liberal amount of time will be spent on line engraving and lesser time on the other types of printing.

This three-session course will meet - February 1 & 15 and March 1 (7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time)

Cost: $25 APS Members/$50 Non-Member

Instructor:  Wayne Youngblood

Presenter - Scott Tiffney, APS Director of Information Services